Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Flowers that are loved by all girls

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Flowers can be used as the perfect gift during all sorts of special occasions. When you want to express your greatest joy or sorrow there is nothing better than flowers to do it in the most meaningful way. Girls love flowers. If you want to woo your lady, gifting her with a beautiful bouquet on a warm evening will do the trick. Let us take a look at the flowers that are loved by girls the most.


Roses are the most popular flowers across the globe. When you think of flowers, roses are the names that will probably come to your minds before any others. It is available in different colors and is considered the symbol of love. If you want to make your girl happy on Valentine’s Day, gifting her with a beautifully arranged bouquet made of gorgeous red roses would do the job. Roses are also used in decorating rooms during special occasions. Girls simply love roses because of the enormous beauty and grace of the flower.


Lilies are beautiful flowers that symbolize elegance, charm, grace and beauty. If you want to let your lady know that she is elegant and beautiful you should order a bunch of lilies from a Singapore florist. It will definitely make her happy.


Tulips are extremely beautiful flowers and are loved by girls. It symbolizes undying love and hence you can send tulips to your girl on any special day. If you want her to be really happy on her birthday, sending tulips will be an ideal thing to do. These flowers are found in various locations around the world and you can order it through a good florist in Singapore.


Orchids are one of the most elegant flowers that are loved by girls. It represents love, strength, luxury and beauty in a classy way. There are different varieties of orchids available and you should choose the ones for your girl depending on her color preferences. If you choose a florist in the country that offers cheap flowers delivery, you will be able to enjoy the best rates on orchids.


These flowers represent an everlasting relation which would be ideal when you search for the best gift for your partner on your anniversary. It can also be gifted to your special friend with whom you want to share your life.


Red carnations are the most common ones found around the world. It represents love and hope in the most innate manner. These flowers can be commonly seen in the corsage of the brides during weddings. If you want to make your mom feel special on her birthday, you should order pink carnations because it will portray your love for her in the best manner. It will speak out loud that you remember her always.


Dahlias are also beautiful flowers that lures girls to a good extend. These flowers symbolize dignity, inner strength and creativity. If you think that your lady is really special and possess some wonderful skills, dahlias would be the ideal flowers for her.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Why flowers are always gifted in an odd number

Gifting flowers on special occasions is a very common custom in Singapore. In recent years, online florists have become immensely popular in the country and this has made flowers one of the most preferred gift items during the special events. Be it birthdays, anniversaries or other moments of joy, flowers will add to the fun and make the day even more enjoyable. While buying flowers, an odd number is never ordered. Do you know the reason behind this? Here are some of the reasons.

In majority of the countries around the world, odd numbers are considered to bring happiness and luck. Even numbers are never chosen when it comes to the important matters in life. Flowers are hence gifted in an odd number in order to portray the true happiness during a special occasion. An even number of flowers are used only during sad occasions like funerals. If you want to share your joy with someone you love, you should always order an odd number of flowers from the florists Singapore.

During weddings, people usually gift the couple with seven flowers because it is considered to bring good luck to the couple. An even number of flowers is never used during weddings because it is considered bad luck. If you are planning to gift flowers to someone special during the event of his or her wedding, it is always better to get them a gorgeous bouquet made of beautiful flowers. This is the best thing to do instead of giving a bunch of flowers. Even the bride will hold an odd number of flowers while entering the wedding venue and this is again due to the same belief of good luck.

Another major reason behind the use of odd number of flowers might be the belief from ancient times which says that misfortune doesn’t ever come alone. Even number of flowers is hence avoided to keep away bad luck. The traditions existing in majority of the countries emphasize on the importance of odd number of flowers. There are few countries where it is the other way round too. In all sorts of practices, contradictions can indeed be found. Similarly, in some of the countries an even number of flowers is considered to bring good luck. However, Singapore is a country that goes with the majority and believes in the odd number rule when it comes to gifting.  

Majority of the offers provided by the flower stores in the country are for odd number of flowers. This is mainly because an order of even number of flowers is quite rare in the country. When you check out the websites of florists online, you will come across bundled offers at amazing rates only for odd number of flowers. This is definitely because of the popular norm of buying odd number of flowers in the country. Pagan beliefs and the pre-Christian traditions also believe that odd numbers bring good fortune. These beliefs continue to stick around in the minds of people in Singapore and hence only an odd number of flowers are used during the happy occasions in the country.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

What makes online florists immensely popular in Singapore

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Plenty of people from different parts of the world live in Singapore. The country is a prominent business hub and offers all the modern amenities which make it a preferred place of professionals. Since plenty of people live in the country, quite a lot of festivals are also celebrated in the country. Flowers are an essential part of all major festivals celebrated in the country. During yesteryears, the demand for flowers was not so high. It was the local flower stores that handled the needs until recently. Now, with the coming of online florists Singapore, there has been a huge rise in the demand for flowers. There are many reasons that make online flower stores immensely popular in the country.

Exotic varieties

The key reason for the popularity of online flower stores is amazing collections made available. The local stores have a very limited choice of flowers. Majority of flowers available with the local stores are seasonal ones and the commonly found ones. When you choose an online florist Singapore you will be able to buy stunning varieties of flowers that are seen in different parts of the world. The exotic flowers are the best options to go for when you want to gift someone special on an important day. 

Categorized view of products

This is another huge factor that makes online flower stores popular in Singapore. Most of the time, you would be confused regarding the choice of flowers. You might not be sure of the meaning portrayed by each type of flower. Hence, when you decide to buy flowers as a gift during a special occasion, you would find it hard when you visit a local flower store. The online flower stores provide categorized views of flowers. Depending on the occasion, you can easily choose the flowers by navigating to the required section on the website.

Easy-to-order facilities

When you checkout the website of a Singapore florist, you will find easy-to-order facilities. You do not have to go through the hassle of driving to a local store, checking out the prices and other details with the executives and then making the payment. Everything will be completed within few minutes when you choose an online flower store. The selection of flowers can be done with ease and soon afterwards you can make the payment and exit from the page. You can place the orders round-the-clock on any day of your choice. You can place orders well in advance too which is not always possible with the local flower stores.

Easy delivery options

When you buy flowers as a gift, you might want it to be delivered directly to the person concerned. You can get this done when you choose an online flower store. You can add a personal message with ease while placing the order and the package will be delivered on the date of your choice. Majority of the online flower stores in the country provide same day delivery options too. When compared to the trouble you will have to go through when you buy flowers from a local store, the online flower stores are indeed a great boon because the flowers will be delivered neat and safe to the address mentioned in a professional manner!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Things to know when you send flowers to your loved ones

Flowers make the perfect gift when you want to make special occasions memorable with your dear ones. Not always will you be able to visit your close ones, if either of you are staying in a far off land. However, during special occasions, you should try out all means to let them know that they are indeed special and that you do care about them. You might also want to express many other feelings to different people on different days. Flowers would be one the most useful items to portray the innermost feelings that you wish to express. Here are few things that you need to know when you send flowers to the ones close to your heart.

Make the selection depending on the occasion is very important. Flowers do portray different meanings. If you send the wrong flowers, it might send out the wrong messages. This is where online florists come to be of better help compared to the local stores. When you visit the websites of online flower sellers, you will be able to choose the flowers that are listed under various categories. The categorization process of flowers on the online stores makes it easy for you to buy the ones that would be ideal for the event.

Selection of the flower store should be done after considering various factors. Since there are many online stores selling flowers available in the country today, you might find it hard to choose the best. You should choose one of the most reputed flower stores in the country that provide high quality exotic variants of flowers that are fresh and falls within your budget.

If you are sending out flowers to express your apologies, do not send it unless accompanied by a personal note. You might find it hard to face a dear one when things are not quite well between the two of you. Hence, you can very well use the services of a florist online to order the flowers. Choose a flower store that provides the option of sending customized messages along with the flowers. Availability of different varieties of chocolates would be an added advantage.

If you are sending flowers to a special person for no particular reason, you should place the order after figuring out the personal choices of the person. If you are unaware of the favorite flower of the person, you can at least choose a flower that is the person’s favorite color. When you send flowers that are preferred by the person, it will make the whole process even more worthwhile. Roses are the most commonly ordered flowers. If you do not come up with an answer when you try to figure out the favorites, roses would be an ideal choice.

If you want to order artificial flowers, choose a florist that provides amazing varieties to choose from. You wouldn’t want to order something that is easily found in all local stores across the country. Do adequate research and try to order flowers arranged in stunning designs, ones that you have never come across earlier. The more unique the bouquets and flower arrangements, more would be the happiness of the person who receives it.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Comparison between local florists and online florists in Singapore

When you want to order flowers in Singapore, you are left with two options. You can either choose a local flower store or place your orders online. When you buy flowers for someone special you wouldn’t want to take a chance for sure. You would want to buy the best flowers available in the country. You would want to make sure that the flowers you order are of topnotch quality dwelling with freshness till the time it reaches the hands of your dear ones. So, how to choose the best flower store? Should you place an order through an online florist or walk into a local flower store? Here is a comparison.

Local stores will help you to touch and feel the flowers before you place an order. You will be able to handpick the flowers that you feel good before making the payment. When you choose an online flower store, you will have to rely on the pictures provided and details given next to the product. However, if you choose a reputed online flower store, you will not have to worry about misleading information related to the products. Since there is heavy competition in the field, the online stores will not tamper their reputation by providing false information or unclear pictures of the products.

Majority of the local flower stores stock only a small amount of flowers. Most of the flowers available on display at the local stores are seasonal variants. The online stores on the other hand will have tie-ups with plenty of flower sellers. You will be able to order rare varieties of flowers that are not easily seen in the country when you choose an online flower shop. You will also be able to order amazing floral products that are not usually seen at the local stores along with the flowers. Irrespective of the season, you can order your favorite flowers when you choose an online store.

When you go for a florist online, you will be able to place your orders well in advance. When you come across a special date on your organizer, you can go ahead and place an order for a bunch of flowers through an online store. The local stores might not accept advanced orders. You do not have to worry about your hectic work schedules too when you choose the online stores. Orders can be placed round-the-clock and the flowers will be delivered without any issues on the mentioned dates.

Online flower shops often come up with seasonal discounts on floral products. You will be able to save a lot of money when you make use of these offers. The local stores might provide discounts on rare occasions but even during those days the online stores would provide much better rates. You will hence be able to order exotic varieties of floral products at attractive rates when you choose an online flower store. The local stores provide you with a real-time shopping experience which is definitely absent with the online stores but if you leave that factor behind, there are not many positives you can come up with to support a local flower store when compared to the online variant.

Once you consider all the factors related to ordering flowers, you would understand that choosing a Singapore online florist is much better compared to the local stores.